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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Apply Blush On Round Face?, Here Its Tips

Blush is an essential piece of your cosmetics routine and a round face is the ideal shape to investigate. The ideal become flushed gives your cheeks an etched look and makes your face seem slimmer. An impeccable all around completed shaded become flushed gives your face the photogenic look that you were trying for. Redden application contrasts in face shapes. With regards to applying become flushed on a round face, you have to remember a couple of things and take after a stage to step handle on the best way to apply redden on a round face.

Couple of Basics before utilization of blush on round face :

  • Choose the right colour of the blush that will best suit your skin complexion. If you have a pale complexion, choose the light pink shades; else choose rosy or red shades for fairer complexion. For a dusky or tanned complexion, choose peach shades to give your face a chiselled look.
  • Never use shimmer or glitter combined with blush for your cheeks.
  • If you are applying a powder blush, do not apply it directly on the foundation. Apply a moisturizer before you use blush, or else it will lead to patchiness on the face. After application of moisturizer, it is safe to evenly apply the blush on your face.
  • If you are using a cream blush, apply it with a powdered compact base. This will reduce blotchiness.
  • Avoid using finger tips, sponges, cotton, or swabs for the application of blush. Always use a good quality brush that has super fine bristles which eases the application of blush.
  • Choose a lighter colour than your complexion to ensure that blush stands out giving you a beautiful look.

Following are the makeup tips for a round face that will guide you on the perfect technique of applying blush on round face

  • Firstly use the blush around the smallest area between the hairline and eyebrows. This gives you a slimmer look on the forehead thereby giving a contoured finish.
  • Suck you cheeks in and apply two to three strokes of blush along the sides of the cheek. Cover the entire area from the mouth point till the below of the ear.
  • Blush is not mandatorily used only on the cheeks, but can be used around the nose as well. Blush gives a sharpened look around your nose. Using a brush, apply the blush along both the sides of the nose. Avoid using blush over the nose bone.
  • A round face looks perfect due to its chin. Leaving the chin uncovered leaves an unfinished look. Give one gentle swipe of the blush at the two sides of the chain. Take care not to over apply blush on the chin, as it gives the makeup a messy appearance.

It is extremely fortunate to have a round face, as application of blush is an easier process compared to other face shapes. Follow these simple techniques of applying blush on round face. Apply the perfect blush and make your face stand out in the crowd. Get those eyes rolling now!


Simple Natural Beauty Remedies

On numerous occasions, skin specialists and excellence instructors have focused on the way that a decent skin can be created in regular ways. Be that as it may, tragically just few individuals understand this. The explanation for this claim is that the majority of the items that we find in the market nowadays, are produced using compound substances, which have the capability of making issues on one’s skin with various types of reactions. Each individual has an alternate sort of skin sort, and not all items are suited for all skin sorts, which can prompt some item having some genuine response on somebody’s skin, the impact of which can here and there even remain for a lifetime.

The question is, why take such a risk when there are natural beauty remedies which do the same job of making you beautiful, and that too without any kind of side effects?

Natural beauty remedies are very easy to follow. For any problem that you have related to your skin or hair, there is a natural solution to it. All that you have to do is research a little on that solution. However, there are some basic remedies to most problems that are more or less habits that you should develop on a daily basis.

One of the most important things that you need to do is to drink a lot of water. This is because water helps our body to get rid of the unnecessary toxins and other materials in our body, which lead to pimples and other skin problems. Also, it helps one to have a glowing skin.

Follow a good diet. Ensure that you are eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, so that your skin is getting proper nutrition, and so that your body systems are functioning properly. Remember, what you eat will always reflect on your skin. So if you keep eating junk food or oily food, it will show up as pimples and excessively oily skin.

You must also ensure that whatever cosmetics you use should not be chemical based, but are natural based instead. This is because natural cosmetics are made of natural ingredients, which have no side effects, as compared to chemical based cosmetics, which may not suit your skin type.

Of all natural beauty remedies, protecting your skin from the sun is very important. Never step out of the house without applying a good quality sunscreen on your face and body. Sunrays do the maximum damage to our skin, and cause tanning, wrinkles, dark spots etc.

Application of a mixture of honey and lemon on your skin on a regular basis before bathing is good. Honey helps you to have a smooth skin, and it also has anti-bacterial properties to cure skin problems, while lemon helps in reducing dark sports and gives a glowing skin.

Another one, out of all natural beauty remedies that you must know, is the use of Aloe Vera. It is literally, food for good skin. Drink Aloe Vera juice on a regular basis and get natural creams or skin products that contain Aloe Vera, as it fights against almost all kinds of skin problems, and gives a clear skin.

Importance Vitamins To Grow Hair

Seeing significantly more hair in your hairbrush than typical? Worried that the crown on our head is getting to be lighter and lighter with each passing month? Searching for vitamins to develop hair?

Numerous individuals experience the ill effects of male pattern baldness, this may be an aftereffect of agony from some malady or sensitivity or basically maturity. On the off chance that you have been experiencing male pattern baldness or have begun to notice that your temple is starting to develop, consider expanding your admission of specific vitamins for hair development.

There are numerous strategies by which you can battle male pattern baldness. Step by step instructions to develop hair on a totally bare head, would be best dictated by counseling a specialist. Be that as it may, in the event that you have recently seen that your hair is dispersing and you are hinting at thinning up top then you might need to begin investigating alternatives like taking vitamins to develop hair. A portion of the best vitamins to develop hair are found in ordinary nourishments. We simply need to guarantee that we are getting enough of them and if not, vitamin supplements are an awesome route approach to guarantee that the body is getting enough.

Here are some decision vitamins to develop hair quicker, more advantageous, shinier and more grounded.

1. Iron

While vitamins to grow hair are necessary, maintaining your Iron level is also just as important. If you are noticing a lot of hair fall, consider getting your Iron levels checked. If you have an Iron deficiency, your body is unable to perform daily activities that allow the body to function properly. Things such as the metabolization of proteins and production of red blood cells are affected. Iron is not just beneficial for hair but also for nails and skin. It ensures that the body is healthy which reduces hair fall. Foods like red meat, beans, spinach and dried raisins and apricots, are rich sources of iron. Supplements could be the order of the day if the deficiency persists.

2. Vitamin A

One of the vitamins to grow hair and reduce hair fall is vitamin A.
It helps create an oil-like substance along the scalp. This substance helps the hair from drying out, breaking and falling. Much like a plant that needs the moist earth to remain in the ground, the oily substance helps anchor the root of the hair to the scalp. Vitamin A or Retinol can be found in cod liver oil, carrots, peaches and spinach.

3. Vitamin B

One of the best vitamins to grow hair is said to be ‘biotin’ also referred to as B7 or Vitamin H, while ‘Niacin’ also known as Vitamin B3 is very useful as well. These two particular vitamins are said to be excellent sources of nutrients that will make hair strong and stop hair loss.


Protects the hair from dryness and breakage. Biotin can be added
to your regular diet through simple foods such as using brown sugar instead of white sugar, green peas, lentils and oats.


Niacin improves the blood circulation in the body, which enables more blood flow to the scalp. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that hair follicles receive thus creating healthier follicles which in turn means more hair growth. Liver, fish, nuts, mushrooms, green peas and sunflower seeds are good sources of niacin.

4. Vitamin D

While vitamin D has always been linked to healthy bones, recent studies indicate that Vitamin D also plays a part in keeping hair healthy and attached to the scalp. If hair loss is occurring, it would be wise to get checked for Vitamin D deficiency. A lack of Vitamin D can result in follicle growth being hampered and hair roots not getting enough nutrients to remain strong, so it is essential that your body has the right amount of vitamin D. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D but in today’s age, you are better off with Vitamin D supplements.

5. Vitamin E

Another useful vitamin that is said to have antioxidant properties to help repair hair follicles is vitamin E. There are a couple ways in which this vitamin can be used to help hair growth. One is to include vitamin E rich foods in your daily diet. Nuts, leafy greens, avocados, shellfish, olive oil, broccoli and kiwi fruit are good sources of vitamin E.

The other way is to mix the oil from a vitamin E capsule with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and applying the mixture by massaging it into the scalp. Leave it in for at least thirty minutes and then wash it out. Doing this two or three times a week for as long as it takes should do the trick. This method conditions and repairs the roots of the hair making them stronger and helping them grow.

There are numerous ‘natural’ methods for treating hair loss, one of which is ensuring that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients it needs to function properly. Simply going to a hair loss specialist to help determine the cause of your hair loss whether it is hereditary or a result of something else is a good way to deal with the issue. But focusing on the intake of the right vitamins to grow hair is a worthwhile option.